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Artyfacts | A few interesting facts about Christmas trees

Updated: May 22

The Christmas tree is an important symbol in culture and art related to the Christmas holiday season. But have you ever known interesting facts about this cultural and religious icon? Let's take a look at 4 interesting facts about Christmas trees in the "history of celebrating Christmas" of mankind 🎄

The Origin 🎊

In the 17th and 18th centuries in Germany and Poland, it was customary to hang Christmas trees from the ceiling. The name 'Christmas tree' was officially used in English in 1835.

The pine tree used to be decorated with... food 🍬

Before the colorful LED blinking wires and grasshoppers, pine trees in Europe used to be decorated with food such as berries, gingerbread and candy. Decorative lights and Christmas ornaments only began to be popular in the 1890s.

The most famous pine tree in the world 🎄

The most famous Christmas tree comes from Rockefeller Center in New York City. It has been decorated and renewed every year, has become a popular tourist attraction in the festive season since 1933.

Fake pine trees are convenient and sustainable alternatives 🦆

The first false pines were made from dyed duck feathers and metal wire. Decorating artificial pine trees is a popular option today, offering an economical, easier to maintain and more sustainable option. Fake pine trees around the world are made of a variety of materials, from aluminum, cardboard, and glass, and most of all PVC.

🧶In Kirakira, we make Christmas trees from ... wool. It's not a new material, but it's a creative way to make a colorful holiday home decor gift. Please register to join Kirakira Workshop's workshop "No-end Crafts - MAKING MEDICINE WITH WOOL" to learn how to make a Christmas tree as easy as a pie!



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