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Updated: May 22

Pablo Picasso

This is a brand new section that Kirakira would like to introduce to parents and children: a theme about multi-talented artists from all over the world. Let us now learn about Pablo Picasso, one of the twentieth century's most famous artists!

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is acknowledged as one of the twentieth century's most influential artists. He was born in Malaga, Spain, and is widely regarded as the father of the Cubist art movement.

Ma Jolie, 1911-1912 by Pablo Picasso

Ma Jolie (My pretty girl) was the refrain of a popular song performed at a Parisian music hall Picasso frequented. The artist suggests this musical association by situating a treble clef and music staff near the bold, stenciled letters.

Picasso's artistic career began when he was a child. He began studying art as a child and quickly discovered his talent. He had mastered traditional drawing techniques by the age of 13 and was experimenting with his own distinct style. This early start shows the importance of introducing art to children at a young age. He moved to Paris in 1900 after graduating from the art academy in Barcelona and began his creative journey.

Mediterranean Landscape, 1953 by Pablo Picasso

This particular piece was finished in 1952 after Picasso's cubism style was developed. The choppy shapes remind viewers of a collage or synthetic cubism.

Picasso worked in a variety of art forms throughout his career, including painting, sculpture, and oil painting. Among his most well-known works are "Guernica," "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon," "The Old Guitarist," "La Vie," and "Les Noces de Pierrette." Picasso was one of the first artists to be honored at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and his works are still among the most famous in the world.

The Old Guitarist, 1903 by Pablo Picasso

This work was created in Madrid and the distorted style (note that the upper torso of the guitarist seems to be reclining, while the bottom half appears to be sitting cross-legged) is reminiscent of

the works of El Greco.

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