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Artyfacts | Embossed sand painting

EMBOSSED SAND PAINTING - The game of childhood has now turned art.

When it comes to sand paintings, many people will surely remember sand paintings drawn on thin paper, with tiny sand grains meticulously painted, creating vivid and eye-catching images. But did you know, sand painting is not only a childhood game but also a unique and impressive form of art.

🖼️ How to create an embossed canvas sand painting?

Canvas embossed sand painting is a type of art painting that combines acrylic colors and quartz sand. Canvas is a type of canvas stretched on a wooden frame, often used for painting. Quartz sand is a type of sand made from quartz rock and has high fineness.

To paint an embossed sand painting on canvas, the artist will use pencil colors to sketch the picture, then use a trowel - a specialized painting tool to mix sand with acrylic colors, and spread the mixture onto the canvas according to the sketched image. disaster. The diverse colors of the color-sand mixture will create a striking and eye-catching effect for the painting.

🎨 From tiny grains of sand to brilliant paintings

Canvas embossed sand paintings can be drawn on many different themes, from landscapes, animals, flowers to abstract, modern themes. Canvas embossed sand paintings have different advantages compared to other types of paper paintings such as high durability, unique beauty and easy cleaning.

In Vietnam, canvas embossed sand painting is a relatively new art form. However, in recent years, canvas embossed sand paintings have gradually become popular and loved by many people.

📌Embossed canvas sand painting workshop at Kirakira Workshop

Recently, Kirakira Workshop organized a workshop on making embossed effect acrylic canvas paintings with quartz sand for painting class students aged 4 and up. At the workshop, students were instructed how to use acrylic paint and quartz sand to create colorful Christmas-themed canvas sand paintings.

If you want to try a new type of art, canvas embossed sand painting is a perfect choice. Sign up for the workshop at Kirakira to unleash your creativity with diverse ingredients only available at Kirakira Workshop!

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