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Teachers at Kirakira will serve as friendly "guides" for the children, providing guidance and explanations throughout the process of exploring brushes, colors, and fine art materials. Another important responsibility of Kirakira's teachers is to continuously monitor and nurture the children, ensuring the development of their souls, emotions, positive qualities, and soft skills.


The teaching approach at Kirakira emphasizes freedom and unleashing the potential in children. This is exemplified by:

  1. Interactive classrooms: At Kirakira, there are no "static" or "one-way" classes - children are always encouraged to interact with teachers, friends, and fine art materials.


 2. Instruction without imposition: In classes, children will receive guidance on handling materials (drawing & cutting cloth, making paper-glue mixture, shaping clay, etc.), and the implementation of these techniques will be entirely in the hands of the child (with teacher supervision to ensure safety).


 3. Freedom in Arts: Classes and workshops at Kirakira cover a wide range of topics to provide children with diverse experiences and interactions with various materials, fostering excitement and healthy joy. Along with following the theme and materials of the lesson or workshop, there are no limits on children's creativity - they can freely express themselves in terms of color, shape, size, decorative accessories, etc., in their artwork.


"In Art we trust"

Kirakira Workshop was established in 2015 by Ms. Tue Man, a skilled interior designer and craftsman with extensive knowledge of materials and craft techniques. With her expertise, she fearlessly embarked on this venture while juggling the responsibilities of being a devoted mother to her three young children, aged 4, 3, and 1 at the time. The decision to create the workshop was driven by her deep passion for art and genuine love for children. Initially named Tiny Paws, the workshop was inspired by the beautiful image of little hands joyfully exploring the world of Fine Arts. In this phase, Tiny Paws class became a charming after-school place for children. It looked like a beautiful forest with lots of trees and fresh air. It was a peaceful space where children could relax and feel refreshed.

Our milestone:

In 2015

Soft opening under the name Tiny Paws. The Hunting Artists class is the only class at this time.

In 2016

The first official class was opened at The Manor.

In 2017

Farewell to The Manor campus. Implemented the Workshop model alongside regular classes at the new campus - Saigon Pearl. Also, this year, Tiny Paws welcomed its 1000th student.

In 2018

Opened a new campus at Vivian Music Center. In this new campus, Tiny Paws implemented a new course - Art Projects - to meet the creative needs of parents and students for larger Fine Arts projects. Additionally, in 2018, we launched Kirakira Art Station, providing on-demand fine arts services such as mural painting, decoration, and fine art events. Currently, Kirakira Art Station has separated from Kirakira Workshop to become its own official unit.

In 2020

Say goodbye to the Saigon Pearl campus and change the Workshop model to a Private class model (1-on-1 class on request).

In 2021

Opening classes at The Edu House campus and welcoming the 5000th student to the class.

Also in 2021, the Tiny Paws class was officially renamed Kirakira Workshop. In Cynthia Kadohata's "Kira-kira", Kate said "As I get older, I use the word Kira-kira to describe everything I like: beautiful blue skies, puppies. , kittens, butterflies, colored klenex” “I want children to know that this world is full of hope and beauty.” The message of the book is also the message that Kirakira Workshop wants to pursue.


Therefore, Kirakira decided to renew itself, positioning as the center which organizes classes and workshops in Applied Arts subjects: Graphics - Design - Fashion - Interior for children from 4 years old. - 15 years old. With the pursuit of a compact and sophisticated boutique classroom model, Kirakira aspires to become a healthy, friendly and rewarding Fine Arts playground for children. Coming to Kirakira, children can discover themselves, nurture their souls & develop good virtues through Fine Arts, improve their aesthetic sense, express their individuality, and practice their skills at the same time. useful in life.


Since its establishment, Tiny Paws - and later Kirakira Workshop - has always received love from parents and children. More and more parents and children are interested in Art and the development of souls, good virtues and soft skills through Fine Arts. That is the driving force for Kirakira Workshop to develop more and bring more value to children. In the future, Kirakira will open more classes and workshops to bring Fine Arts closer to children. Kirakira also always encourages young artists and their parents to come experience and accompany Kirakira on upcoming journeys.


"In Art we trust"

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