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For children from 4 to 12 years old

Hunting Artist

Hunting Artist is a class with 2 activities:
• Drawing & Crafts.
• With a variety of topics that change from month to month.
• Giving children the opportunity to experience and interact with many fine art materials.
• Classes are available at Vivian Center and The Edu House.



For children from 3 years old

Private Class

The private class is a 1-1 class (1 teacher instructs 1 student) with class content, time, and location at the request of parents and students.



For student from 5  - 14 years old 

Summer Art Camp

The "Summer Artistic Adventure" camp program will take children on a journey through 6 different "knowledge lands," equivalent to 6 weeks of camp participation.

Each day, the children will participate in physical activities and apply the learned knowledge to 3 exercises: note-taking exercises, drawing exercises, and craft exercises.


For children from 7-15 years old

Art Project

The Art Project class is including 15 sessions:
• In 15 lessons, children will learn how to implement an Art project from the beginning to the finished product.
• Getting acquainted and learning more knowledge about shaping, and layout,...
• Classes are available at The Edu House campus.



For student from 12 years old and above

College Exam Prep

The University Exam Preparation class is for those who are oriented to pursue Fine Arts and take the university entrance exam in block H, and block V to enter Fine Arts, Graphics, Fashion Design, and Architecture,...
• Students will learn according to the professional route to familiarize themselves with pencil drawing, and color decoration, ...
• The class is held at The Edu House


Kirakira Head Office: LK 8-18, D1 in Saigon Mystery Villas,

Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Thu Duc city.

The Edu House: SH 04-05-06 Saritown, Sala Residential,
District 2, Thu Duc City.


Hotline: 0799 7999 58

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