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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

► ► It is interestingly undeniable that “Arts can help your child become more intelligent and creative”. Let's find out with us the reasons why children should love Fine Arts!

1. ✨Fine art improves the coordination of “Ears” and “Eyes”

Our children’s handwriting is often messy and not neat as ours. Fine arts will help children strengthen their hands with calligraphy exercises or assist them in learning to hold pens and brushes properly. These will help train their good reflexes, especially the coordination between "Hands" and "Eyes".

2. ✨Fine art helps parents understand their children better.

Parents can easily tell if their children are really happy and balanced or not through their doodles. Indeed, your child's hidden problems can be revealed through their brushstrokes.

3. ✨Fine art helps children relieve stress

Reading books or doing math at school often requires children to be highly focused, making them fatigued and low in energy. An art class in the afternoon is the perfect remedy for the kids to recharge their lost energy.

4. ✨Fine art nurtures creativity.

Children express their ideas better through creative activities. If you ask a class of six-year-olds to design a bed-making machine every morning, they will happily take on the challenge and amaze you with their mechanical know-how and imagination.

5. ✨Fine art builds children's confidence.

Mastering fine art is the process of building up the imagination. Little children all have the remarkable ability to express their creativity and imagination through their hand-crafted artworks.

6. ✨Fine art brings children excitement.✨

During the summer break, staying at home regularly without any activities will create a feeling of confinement in them. Therefore, parents should invest in their children's participation in creative activities of art and craft classes during this time period!

7. ✨A class in clay modeling or dough-making will improve children’s ingenuity.

Modeling clay or kneading dough helps children to stretch their hand muscles and improve their dexterity, which will be necessary for them to hold pens and pencils later on.

8. ✨Fine art teaches children the value and meaning of recycling. ✨

Any old materials and scraps can be used to make art. This will help the children become more conscious of recycling and environmental protection. Sign up for your children to join KiraKira's classes and participate in interesting recycling lessons!

9. ✨ Fine art shows your children how to save money.✨

The daily art gadgets that children craft and recycle by themselves will help them save a large amount of money. In addition, handmade gifts will have more meaning and value for the receivers.

10. ✨Fine art helps children connect with their peers and get along better.

Children can play, learn, discuss, and make beautiful art items together in a safe learning environment. This will aid in the development of their communication skills as well as their ability to socialize with their peers.

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