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Updated: May 22

Ms. Yen Nhi

In this section, Kirakira will share stories about the people who have made a difference in the classroom - the teachers here, about their stories, inspiration, and especially their love for children ❤️. Let's find out about Ms. Yen Nhi - someone who has been with us since the early days!

With a background in Fashion Design from Van Lang University, Ms. Ca Yen Nhi sees Kirakira as the turning point that led her to the field of education. At Kirakira Workshop, she contributes her expertise in program content and serves as the "host" for courses on model making, illustration, and various events organized by Kirakira.

Sharing her deep affection for Kirakira Workshop and the young artists, she eloquently expresses, "Kirakira holds immense significance in my life. It is my sanctuary, where my youth thrived with vibrancy and beauty. This nurturing space allows me to unleash my artistic passion, not only for my own sake but also for every child who enters its doors. Initially overwhelmed when embarking on my educational journey, I have been pleasantly surprised by my personal growth each day. Though I have faced moments of exhaustion amidst the surrounding pressures, witnessing the progress of every group of students and the ebb and flow of younger classes has filled me with immeasurable happiness and pride. The classroom has become a place where I have forged strong bonds and deep affection. Kirakira has bestowed upon me invaluable and exquisite experiences."

Kirakira wholeheartedly wishes Ms. Yen Nhi good health and everlasting joy, empowering her to continue illuminating the path of the "Sparkling and Shining" journey and spreading the love for art to countless more children ~



Address: 5th Floor, The Edu House, SH 04, 05, 06 Saritown, Sala Urban Area, An Loi Dong Ward, District 2, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline (Zalo, SMS, Viber): 0799 799 958

Facebook page: @Kirakira.artworkshop

Instagram: @kirakira.workshop


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