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‎| topics: un - ‎| Types: movie, article ‎| Format: 1.3 (18 janv. 2017 · Some of the top titles in the K-drama industry are coming to Malaysia next week. The lineup includes the sci-fi drama 'Descendants of the Sun,' a Chinese-Malaysian co-production set in a distant future. However, the authorities are keen on acquiring local Chinese dramas as Malaysia's Chinese diaspora is.Nominees submitted. You can only vote once a day. The drama is directed by the award-winning Korean director Shin Woo-chul (The Chaser) and stars Jin Ji-hee, Jung Woo-sung, Shin Seong-suk. Members of the public were able to submit their.Q: How do I handle different types of array member names in Kotlin? Say I have a JSON response that is structured as follows: { "message": { "event_type": "prefer", "event_id": "0" }, "task": { "type": "detached", "id": "0" } } This looks very similar to the Gson format: I want to parse this into a Kotlin data class but I don't want the keys of the object to be "message" and "task" since they're not types that I want to use, and these classes have no relation to the JSON response structure. What's the best way to handle this in Kotlin? The only solution I've been able to think of is to extract the parts I need from the response with a single function, and then use multiple data classes, but that seems really clumsy. A: If you can use Kotlin 1.3, it's recommended to use the new Json class: import import class T { @J



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