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Updated: May 22

"The Adorable Painting"

One fine morning in the Art Project: Storybook class, just like the rest of the students, little artist Diệp Phi was diligently sketching with her pencil on the pages of her own storybook. But Kirakira’s teachers noticed that she was up to something and wasn't willing to show it to them. They wondered quietly, curious about what mischievousness the little girl was up to...

By the end of the class, the little girl eagerly ran up to the teachers, excited to show them her "masterpiece" that she had kept hidden until then. It was a small piece of paper with pictures of everyone in the class. She proudly showcased each one, saying, "This is Ms. Nhi, and this is my drawing of Ms. Ly..."

For Kirakira, this was a painting filled with the love and affection that the child had for the teachers here. It was truly precious and incredibly adorable 💗 How do you find Diệp Phi's artwork, parents? Leave a comment and let Kirakira know!



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