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"In Art we trust"

Kirakira is started with an idea of a green forest full of trees and animals in a pure atmosphere, where children can come and relax after school.

The line "Kirakira up the hill suddenly you're standing still" in the song What Does The Fox Say has promoted the idea of a “boutique” class that receives precise care. As a result, Kirakira has been created.

Here, our instructors’ job is to make the idea of materials, techniques, and handmade artworks clear to the children. We have prepared art tools and art materials divided into groups with more than 2000 types in total. Thanks to that, we can instruct the kids to make different things each topic with their creativeness and inspirations respected. We talk to understand them clearly and let them tell their own stories through works of art.

Kirakira, together with our tiny artists organize a joyful after-school activity with good discipline maintained.

Kirakira is also the place where marks those adorable steps when they start to explore the whole new world around them. Even when they have grown up and left, memories still stay.

The year 2015 witnessed the opening of our very first class with the love for exploration, nature and the confidence to express ourselves. After 5 years of working, Kirakira is appraised as a creative art workshop, as well as a prestigious art class to many parents and children. Nowadays, creative activities are becoming more and more dynamic. Besides, the number of people who show interest in Kirakira and have their viewpoints in common with us is increasing. Such powerful motivation has proved that Kirakira’s teaching method is cared and supported by many people.

We really appreciate that.

We always welcome tiny artists and parents to join us in the upcoming journeys.

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