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Art Project
Art Project

Art Project Class
Kirakia's course for children from 7-15 years old with useful and interesting art projects.
There are 2 types of Art Project classes:

The little ones will "get their hands dirty" to their best in colorful arts & crafts tools to create finished products with a personal impression.
Unlike the Hunting Artist class - where the children can create a finished product after each lesson - coming to the Art Projects class, the children will participate in a "monumental" Art project.
In each session, Kirakira teachers will play the role of guiding the child to complete each step so that they can complete the project with a great product after the whole course.


🎨 Story book

• Children will be able to become the author of their own books with an attractive plot, and engaging content represented by vivid and colorful pictures and dialogues.
• The reward for the child after the course is a full book of 10 complete comic pages size 210x297mm


🖍 Doll house

• Children will "play the role" of an architect to create a house from A to Z with a "professional" layout with rooms, floors, and interior details, ...
• Besides, children can also freely create more details or special furniture according to their liking. After the course, your child will own a house with dimensions of 450x300x450mm



Understand the steps of ideation & planning to complete a big Art project


Get acquainted with Fine Arts & Crafts techniques from basic to advanced


Learn how to interact with many fine art materials: colored paper, paperboard, wool, clay, fabric, ...


Practice good qualities: meticulousness, patience, ... when creating and controlling small details


Express personality and aesthetic taste through products.

And besides, owning a great "made-by-me" finished product as well as being displayed at the exhibition after the course 🎁

Course information

• Time:
Storybook on Saturday from 15:00 - 17:00

Dollhouse  on Sunday from   15:00 - 17:00
At The Edu House campus.




• Tuition:

How to sign up for
the Art project class?

• Registration method:
Register via the form here
Contact via Kirakira Workshop fanpage
Contact via hotline: 0799 799 958
Go to Kirakira Workshop and register directly:
The Edu House Campus: SH 04-05-06 Saritown, Sala Urban Area, District 2, Thu Duc City.
VMC campus: 14D6, Thao Dien Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Thu Duc City.


• Transfer method:

+ Bank: Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VIB) - Ho Chi Minh City Branch
Account holder: LE NGUYEN TUE MAN
Account number: 005853969
Transfer note:
Student's name_Course code_Parent's phone number

Sign up to see Fine Arts grow in your child today with Kirakira!


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